While the large majority of our yacht charters include a captain and crew, a few boats are available with the Captain only. The details of each option are listed below.

Fully Crewed yacht vacation
The size of the crew depends on the yacht type and size. At the very least, you will have a captain and a gourmet cook. This vacation includes all meals, professionally prepared to your taste, and presented in a dining experience that will match the finest restaurants. The meals are planned ahead of time according to your desires, and served according to your schedule. There is generally an open bar included at no additional cost.

The crew also provides the personal service aboard the yacht, including making the beds and cleaning the cabins, as well as all the other daily domestic cleaning aboard the ship.

Captain Only charters
The Captain Only charter, when available, is offered at a lower rate, and provides an experience with a lesser degree of personal service. The Captain will arrange with a provision service to deliver the food supplies (which you pay for), but it is up to you to cook the food, serve the meals and clean up the kitchen and dining areas. There is no cleaning of your cabin, and the “domestic cleaning” is up to you too.

This type of charter might be a good choice if you like to cook, or if you plan to eat ashore frequently.