There are 3 types of yachts to choose from for Caribbean charters
 Sailing Yachts, Multihull Sailing Yachts, and Power Yachts.

Each type has its own distinctive sailing characteristics, different performance levels, and varying
degrees of roominess. We are here to help you decide which will be the best choice for your adventure.

Listed below are the major points to consider. If at any time you have questions, please feel free to contact
us by phone or email. Keep in mind that some captains are more willing than others to change the sailing experience to accommodate the desires of the party. Feel free to discuss your preferences when you call.

Sailing Yachts
Also known as monohull sailboats, these tend to be very popular for charters in the Caribbean. They are true sailing in its most basic sense. You get to experience the wind and the water and the waves to the fullest degree. These sailboats are quick, responsive and exciting.  They can offer a wide variety of sailing experiences, based on the desires of your party.
Out of the three types of yachts, the sailing yacht is generally the least expensive for any given length. If you have a small group (perhaps up to 4 people) and want the boat to yourselves, the sailing yacht is an excellent choice.  By design, space is often at a premium in this style of boat, so accommodations may tend to more spartan than on the other types of boats, especially if you choose a smaller sailing yacht.  But that is often considered part of the adventure on this type of craft. 

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Multihull Sailing Yachts
This category consists of catamarans and trimarans very wide sailboats with two or three hulls. This design provides a high degree of stability and comfort. If you are a person who would rather not experience the boat heeling (tilting to the side) in a stiff breeze, then the multihull sailing yacht is for you. They tend to be more stable when anchored too.
A secondary advantage of these types of boats is the huge amount of space that they provide.  The deck is large with plenty of room for guests to lounge on. The main salon is spacious and located above the waterline, generally with large windows providing great viewing while dining or relaxing inside. Some of these impressive boats have large staterooms with private heads, and dining areas that rival fine restaurants. People will often choose this type of charter simply for the comfort, roominess and luxury.  If you have a large group or family, the multihull sailing yacht is often the way to go.

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Power Yachts
The name says it all! If you want the power to go wherever you want, as fast as you want, in a spacious, magnificent craft with elegant personal service and cuisine that matches a luxury hotel, this is the choice for you. Depending on the size and style, these floating resorts range from sleek, fast beauties that fly over the waves, to solid fishing yachts, to beautifully restored classics.
When it comes to size, the sky is the limit with power yachts, so if you have a very large party, a power yacht is the way to go.

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